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MacBook Pro Tutorials For Beginners

Filed under: Mac Tutorials,New Mac Users — Care Expert @ 10:37 am December 3, 2012

Buying a new MacBook Pro®is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for people using the Mac OS X® operating system for the first time. OS X can seem both similar and vastly different from Windows, which is why MacBook Pro Tutorials For Beginners are so important. With just a little bit of research, you can start using your new hardware like a professional in no time.

Mac for beginners can connect to wireless Internet networks via the AirPort utility. Select the “Apple” button using your mouse and select the button reading “System Preferences.” With the appropriate window open on screen, select the “Network” option and choose “AirPort.” Open the “Configure” application and make sure the AirPort utility is enabled. Click the “AirPort” icon in the status bar of your MacBook Pro and select your wireless network of choice.

The “Mail” application is the default e-mail reading app for the Mac OS X platform. To start using the “Mail” application with an existing e-mail address, launch the program using either its dock icon or via the icon in the “Applications” menu. Select the “File” menu and choose the option reading “Add Account.” Once opened, import your e-mail address information into the boxes on screen. You can use the “Mail” application to manage your contact information as well as send and receive messages via your e-mail account right from your desktop.

Another important aspect of the MacBook Pro that Mac for beginners need to know about is the dock itself. Recently opened application icons will appear on one side of the dock for easy access. The right side of the dock contains the trash can, which can be used to both deleted files and uninstall applications from your computer. You can also use the trash can icon to safely remove certain pieces of hardware, like USB flash drives or an external hard disk drive, from your MacBook Pro.

Of course, if you have any questions at all or the Mac OS X seems confusing to you, our StartOnMac Care Experts are ready to help you understand how to use your MacBook Pro. Just click on the Call Now to start a chat or call the 1-800-281-7305.

I’ll happily provide a more detailed answer once my PC to Mac transfer is complete, but so far the service provided is well worth the price I have paid.
Ian H. 12/20/2012