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Are you looking for iPod® troubleshooting? We help your iPod® sad face go away!


Since Steve Jobs originally unveiled the iPod it has evolved into the world’s most sought-after media player. It went from merely being a standalone music player via the iPod Classic to a miniature music player via the iPod Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle players to a high-powered touch-based multimedia player. At StartOnMac we understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t have access to your favorite music and videos on your iPod. Therefore, if you are having problems getting your iPod to start or respond, or how to set up your emails or a WiFi connection on the iPod Touch, you can count on us to quickly and effectively solve your iPod issues.

How We Can Help Solve Your iPod Problem

Basic Troubleshooting – One of our Care Experts will walk you through a diagnosis or configuration of your iPod and work with you to solve your specific problem.

WiFi Setup – We will also help you setup confusing WiFi connections on your iPod Touch. This includes password-protected networks, and other types of wireless-based security layers.


Service does not include: troubleshooting app-specific issues or use, carrier related issues or hardware repairs of any kind.

WiFi setup is only applicable to wireless-enabled iPod devices.

Getting Started

Call us or start a chat session now, and one of our Care Experts will get you the iPod support you need.


Karla worked through the problem systematically and was very helpful. Great staff!
Randy M. 10/26/2012

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