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Customized Mac® help whenever you want, for a low monthly price!

Contact a trusted Mac advisor as often as you need, and for as long as it is required to get you going, and get the most juice out of your Apple products! Take advantage of our top shelf Mac training and support: our Subscription Service offering is the gold standard – that’s because you can literally ask anything. We built this program with the idea that Mac users never stop learning. In fact, we are always reading, learning and training in all things Mac. We do this so we can be ready for any curveball you throw at us. With our Subscription Service you have access to a single customized training session, and unlimited access to all the rest of our services. The coverage is month-to-month, and can be terminated any time you no longer need our help.

How it Works

Simply give us a call or start a chat session with one of our Care Experts, and we’ll walk you through the subscription setup process. Once your subscription is set up, you’ll no longer have to pay for every service independently. The monthly subscription covers up to two Mac users and two Mac computers. And if you buy a new Mac, we can easily transfer the subscription to your new device. Once your purchase the subscription, you can access the StartOnMac services at any time.

What it Costs

With our Subscription Service, we’re committed to keeping our services affordable for you. The initial setup fee is only $34.95, and from there you’ll only pay $12.95 per month. The setup fee is a one-time only cost. The recurring monthly fee will be charged to your credit card on the same date of each month on which you subscribed to our service. You can cancel the service at any time – there is no long-term commitment or contract.


Service-specific exclusion apply to each individual service provided.


Service-specific requirements apply to each individual service provided. Training is one time per user (per registered Mac serial number), and is transferable to a new Mac owned by the same StartOnMac user.

Getting Started

Let us help you take control of your Apple® devices by giving you all the Mac help you need. Get peace of mind and call one of our Care Experts right now!

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She was great, genuinely cared.
Jeff A. 10/13/2012

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Mac Tip
Want to export your To-do’s to a Google calendar?
While you are using the Reminders, just go to File > Export and select the to-do’s you want to export to Google. You will have an ICS file to import to Google.

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