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Need help setting up a printer, network or external hardware on your Mac®? Let us do it for you!

Connect and get that fancy new printer, or an external hard drive with massive storage capabilities working for you fast. If you are ready to setup your new wireless network for your new Mac and you haven’t been using your new MacBook® for all that long, now you need help installing and configuring your new hardware. Don’t waste time struggling to do this yourself, let us help you get back to enjoying life and doing what you want to do with your complete working solution. At StartOnMac we are staffed with Care Experts who know their Apple® hardware and peripheral devices inside and out. Whether you need someone to setup your new AirPort Extreme® or Apple® router, or how to install an HP printer or some other printer on your Mac, you’ve come to the right place.

How it Works

The best way to get started is by giving us a call, or by starting a chat session online. Our Care Experts will ask you some simple questions about your new hardware; what hardware are you installing? What’s the make and model of your device? Is there any installation software that came with the device? After our Care Expert has established what you’re trying to install, they will take care of the entire installation, setup and configuration process from start to finish. This includes installing such devices as a Lexmark® printer on Mac® laptops, AirPort Base Station® setup, Apple Time Machine® setup, HP® Printer setup for Mac, Apple Time Capsule® setup, and any other peripheral or external device you can connect to a Mac. This service is limited to installing and properly configuring one external device to a single Mac computer. Additional devices will require additional purchases of this service.

What it Costs

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our customers with the most trusted Apple-based technical support in the business. We also work to create the most affordable service possible. In fact, we’ll setup your networking and peripheral hardware devices for just $54.99 per installation. Additionally, if you’re like many Apple users, odds are you’ll want continual support for your computer’s hardware devices. If this is you, you’re gonna love our monthly Subscription Service. For just $12.95 per month, you can enjoy top notch Mac technical support, in addition to many other important services that ensure you get the most out of your Mac.

Service Exclusions

Service does not include; additional or unrelated software or services, networking setups, print sharing, troubleshooting unrelated to the initial setup, or training on the installed device.

Service Requirements

If a peripheral device; Internet connection ready on the computer.

If a network setup; router and cables on premise and internet service available.

Getting Started

Call or start a chat session with us today. All of our in-house Care Experts are on-hand to answer questions, and are eager to get you on your way to the Apple product support you need.

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Karla worked through the problem systematically and was very helpful. Great staff!
Randy M. 10/26/2012

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