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Making a PC to Mac® migration? Let Us Do It!

Ensure all of your important media, files, email, contacts and other data from your Windows PC move into and reside in your Mac. You then will not miss a bit (or byte) and get going! We understand that flawless data migration is often the biggest headache of switching from a PC to Mac. If you’re like many PC users, you are probably the proud owner of a lot of data. The good news is that as long as the data you want to keep isn’t specific to PC-only applications, it can be transferred and used on your new Mac. With our “Moving Your Data” service, our Care Expert will do all the PC to Mac migration and transferring of data for you.

How it Works

When you make the call to one of our Care Experts, we will verify your migration request and then remotely access both the new Mac and your old PC. As long as your computer is directly connected to the Internet, and you have the connection to your external storage device or old PC, our Care Expert will safely migrate all of your data to your new Mac computer. Since the migration process can take hours to complete, the Care Expert will remain connected to your other device or your Mac until the migration is complete. We will then notify you that all of your files have been successfully transferred to your new Mac.

What it Costs

Data management and migration experts don’t come cheap. But at StartOnMac, we are committed to providing valuable service at an affordable price. We’ll take the stress of data migration by transferring your old data over to your new Mac for just $59.99. If you find yourself needing other Mac help on a regular basis, you can always sign up for our Subscription Service for just $12.95 per month and take advantage of all of our services for this low monthly cost.


Service does not include; Installation of additional or unrelated software or services, print sharing, troubleshooting unrelated to migration of data,  Mac to Mac transfers, or Training.


Service requires; Internet Connection and a Network connection between computers or external disk backup

Getting Started

Get started right away. Give us a call or start a chat session with us today, and we’ll help you put an end your data migration worries.

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