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At StartOnMac, we take the “trouble” out of troubleshooting. We know full well that there are few things more frustrating than having computer problems you just can’t fix. iMac troubleshooting is no different. Whether you’re dealing with a fussy iPhoto gallery or problems with data transfers, our team of fully trained Care Experts has the right answers to solve your problem quickly and effectively. In fact, our Care Experts are well versed in how your iMac works, and what it takes to get it working the way you want. In fact – “we will tell you what the problem is with your iMac before we charge you to fix your problem.” So, call one of our Care Experts today and let them do the work for you.

How it Works

At StartOnMac, we want to make your iMac tech support as easy as possible for you to navigate. The way it works is simple. Just call or initiate a chat session with one of our professional Care Experts. All calls and chat sessions are immediate or can be scheduled for a time of your convenience. From there you will provide the Care Expert with the details of your problem, and then they will connect to your iMac remotely. They will perform a diagnostic assessment, determine the proper resolution to your problem, and communicate that solution simply and clearly for you. After we have confirmed your solution the Care Expert will briefly disconnect from your computer as you pay for the service. Finally, the Care Expert will reconnect to completely solve your iMac problem. The best part is, you only have to speak to one Care Expert.

There is a nominal diagnostic fee to determine the exact problems causing your Apple product issues. Once the problem is identified, the diagnostic fee is credited toward the total cost of the Troubleshooting Your Mac service fee.

What it Costs

At StartOnMac, we work hard to keep our troubleshooting services affordable for our customers. Our troubleshooting calls are only $59.99 each. If you happen to need regular help troubleshooting iMac computers, you can access our expert Care Experts for just $12.99 per month. We take pride in our ability to solve all of your iMac troubleshooting needs. This means we will solve your iMac problem no matter what it takes.


Service does not include; training on third-party applications, hardware installations, hardware repair or data recovery.


Service requires; Internet Connection

Getting Started

Are you eager to get your iMac problems solved right away? Simply click on the Chat Now button or give us a call. Our Care Experts are standing by.

Because the support was very valuable.
Areli N. 12/20/2012

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Mac Tip

Deleting in Mac
On a PC you press the Backspace key to delete or the Delete key to forward delete
On a Mac you Press Delete key to backwards delete. For Mac portables, press the Function (fn) and Delete key to forward delete.