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Mac® giving you fits? Let our Care Experts Tame your Mac!

Don’t let a system failure, or what appears to be one, stop you from doing what you need to do on your Mac. We understand it can be a frustrating experience as you try and figure out how to get your Mac working correctly or working the way you want. An experienced Care Expert in Mac troubleshooting knows all the “ins” and “outs” of your Mac device, and often times, sees what you don’t see. Whether you’re dealing with syncing problems with your iPad®or disk permissions on your Macbook Pro®, we are ready, willing and able to find a solution for your Apple®-related ailments. Our Care Experts are experienced and ready to perform Apple Airport®troubleshooting, iMac® troubleshooting, Mac Mini® troubleshooting, Macbook® troubleshooting, Macbook Pro® troubleshooting,  MacBook Air® troubleshooting and troubleshooting your iDevices or any Mac related issue where “something is not working right”.

How it Works

Our process is very simple. You simply call or start a chat session with one of our Care Experts. All calls are immediate, or they can be scheduled at your request. We will ask you to provide some details about your Mac issues or concerns. Then your Care Expert will connect remotely to your Mac device, perform a detailed diagnostic assessment, determine the proper resolution and then clearly communicate to you that StartOnMac will be able to solve your problem. Once we confirm that we have a solution, our Care Expert will disconnect from your computer while you pay for the service and then reconnect to fix your problems. The best part is, you will only speak to one Care Expert from start to finish!

There is a nominal diagnostic fee to determine the exact problems causing your Apple product issues. Once the problem is identified, the diagnostic fee is credited toward the total cost of the Troubleshooting Your Mac service fee.

What it Costs

Our Troubleshooting service is very affordable and we make it easy to work with us while we solve your problems. Our troubleshooting calls are only $59.99, and if you happen to need Apple help on a regular basis, troubleshooting calls are included in our monthly subscription service for only $12.95 per month. We stand behind our work and once we tell you we can fix your problem, we will solve it no matter what it takes.


Service does not include; Training on third-party backup software, Software Installations, hardware repair, or data recovery.


Service requires; Internet Connection

Getting Started

Want your Mac to work right, right now? Just click on the chat now or give us a call.

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She was great, genuinely cared.
Jeff A. 10/13/2012

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