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Need iTunes® Support or your iDevice not working the Way it should? We can get it Working!

Synchronize, use, play, enjoy and get the most juice out of your Apple products, interacting together seamlessly! We will show you how…

Support for your iTunes Application.  Since iTunes inception, it has rapidly grown to become the world’s most beloved media player on both Mac® and PC computers. For new Mac users, synchronizing your iTunes library to a Mac device or to your iCloud® storage can prove to be a real headache. The most common technical issues relate directly to file management; synchronization, configuration and file transfer issues. Our Care Experts will quickly and easily solve all of your iTunes and iDevice synchronization issues, so you can access your favorite photos, videos and music wherever you are.

Support for your Apple® iDevice. Is your iPod®, iPad® or iPhone® giving you problems or need help setting up a wifi connection? Need help troubleshooting your iDevice? Struggling to get your personal or business emails setup on your iDevice? Then give our Care Experts a call and let us help you get your iDevice working the way it was designed.

How it Works

The best way to start is to give us a call or setup a chat session with one of our Care Experts. From there we will remotely connect to your computer and work with you directly to solve all of your iTunes and iDevice issues. This often involves some combination of troubleshooting and device configuration. We will also offer some great suggestions on organization tips for all of your music, videos, pictures and other media files.

What it Costs

We are committed to reducing all of your headaches associated with your Mac, and that includes financial headaches. That’s why our Care Experts will fix your iTunes synching issues or work with you on resolving your iDevice problems for just $29.99. If you choose our monthly subscription plan, you get access to iTunes and iDevice help, and much, much more for just $12.95 per month.


Service does not include; hardware, additional or unrelated services or software, assistance with obtaining unlicensed music downloads, training on unrelated activities, iPhone or iPad carrier-related issues, app-specific troubleshooting and use, or any hardware repairs of any kind.


Service requires; Internet connection, computer and iDevice at the time of the session, and active iCloud-based storage account (if applicable).

Getting Started

Take control of your Mac computer and devices today. Call us or start a chat session with us now, and one of our Care Experts will get you the iTunes® or iDevice support you need.

I went through several people looking for help, Tania was the only one who was sincere at wanting to help me not just to sell me. Your pricing is very fair. and I can learn in my own time and in my own home!
Debby B. 12/7/2012

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Want to set a date in your Calendar?
Pick your event and just click on the date, a mini-calendar appears so you can select the date.> Alerts.

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