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Worried about Your Backup for Mac®? Stop worrying and get Care Expert help!

Protect you valuable media, and data of all kinds. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “How do I back up my Mac?” you’re officially in the right place. Apple® is lauded for building the most secure and stable computer in the business. Through airtight engineering and design creativity, Mac computers are much less susceptible to data security breaches and malware attacks than PCs. Still, your Mac is not completely invincible. It is possible for a hard drive to crash, and for viruses to pop up every now and again. Keeping your Mac computer secure involves regularly backing up data in case of a major data disaster. At StartOnMac, our Care Experts will take the time to show you the tips, tricks and best practices of how to setup your Mac data backup and security for Mac computers.

How it Works

In this session, our experienced Care Experts will go over key topics on how to back up your Mac computer. They will help you understand what security risks are common, how to avoid them, and how to recover your data if your Mac computer’s security is compromised. From there we will walk you through some common data backup methods, as well as how to setup your Apple Time Machine®. They will also provide training on restoring a backup from your Time Machine.

What it Costs

Mac data security is a high tech discipline that requires a great deal of training in data management. We not only provide the expertise, but we do so at an affordable price. For only $54.99, you will be walked through a Mac OS® security checklist customized to your specific needs. For those needing ongoing data security and backup help, this service is also included with our monthly Subscription Service for just $12.95 per month.

Service Exclusions

Service does not include training on third-party back up software, backup software or installation of backup software.

Service Requirements

Service requires the user to have a working internet connection and an empty external disk.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to get in touch with us. Call or start a chat session with us today, and our Care Experts will be ready and willing to help ensure your Mac computer is safe and secure.

Tania was awesome, great customer service and even better personality.
Jeff A. 10/13/2012

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