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Accelerate Your Mac® Knowledge!

Get confident and more productive fast, as you switch to a Mac. Regardless of your technical skill with your previous computer, reaching the same level of proficiency on a Mac as not as simple as many of us thought… and you’ve come to the right place. Most Mac users tend to jump in headfirst as soon as they buy their new iMac®, Mac Mini®, Macbook Pro®, Macbook Air®, or any other Apple computer. While this is a great way for you to familiarize yourself with your new Apple device, many users tend to overlook hidden features of the Mac Operating System (OS). This is why we’ve developed a basic Apple online training program aimed at helping new Mac users get the most out of their computers. Are you an experienced user and still have questions about how some things Mac work? We can help answer those questions as well.

How it Works

The process is simple, really. You can call or chat with one of our Care Experts who will customize a session designed to accelerate your knowledge and demystify your Mac. From there the agent will make a list of predetermined talking points based on your conversation that will aid them in teaching you how to use any Mac computer. During this training session, we will spend 15 minutes going over the basics of your new Mac computer. We will go over how the operating system works, and even provide detailed help on how to avoid Mac mail problems. After your initial Apple Mac training, you will have 30 minutes of customized training on topics predetermined by you and your Care Expert.

What it Costs

It’s no secret that world class Mac training doesn’t come cheap. Our StartOnMac certified Care Experts will provide you with easy to follow training designed to specifically meet your learning needs at an affordable price. For just $49.99 you get up to 45 minutes  of one-on-one training time, designed just for you (15 minutes of basic training and up 30 minutes of focused Q&A).


Service does not include; training on third-party software, illegal activity or software. Training is one use only, and not warranted for additional Training.


Service requires an Internet Connection.

Getting Started

Start by getting in touch with us today. Start mastering your Mac now by contacting a Care Expert at 800-281-7305. Our Care Experts are available to chat or talk to you on the phone right now!


Mini Tutorials Are Now Available with a Care Expert!

Are you looking for a simple training session on a single subject? Then check out our Mini Tutorials for Mac OS X on the bottom of the page, or click on “Chat Now” and ask our Care Expert about getting your own mini tutorial training.

Mini Tutorials for Mac – Only $19.99 per session! Click on the session that interests you to find out more.

Customize your Mac (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)

Navigate Your Mac (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)

Manage Your Time Machine (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)

Manage your Mac Files (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)

Basics of iCloud (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)

Basics of your Mac Mail (Mini Tutorial) (Click Here to read about this tutorial)


Simply that I’m incredibly impressed with the service as a whole.
Ian H. 12/20/2012

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