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We don’t waste your time, we solve your problems!

We designed our support process to ensure that we never, ever make you waste your time or your money. So, we created a simple three step process that is equal parts simple and effective. This allows us to fully assess your specific issue, confirm to you that we know we will solve your problem, before asking you to pay for the necessary support service.

Step 1. CONNECT  

Reach out to us on the phone or connect with us through a chat session. There is no charge or commitment for connecting with us, your initial discussion with the Care Expert is at no cost to you.


Provide our Care Experts with all the details of your problem and we will listen carefully and attentively, and ask simple questions to identify your Mac® or Apple® product problem as quickly as possible. We will recommend a series of solutions for your Mac once we have carefully listened to your description of the problem and, when appropriate, connect to your Mac computer to diagnose your issues. We will then thoughtfully communicate our solution in a way that you clearly understand what we recommend and how your problem will be solved. From there you can easily select and pay for the solution you want to pursue.


Once we receive your payment we will request to remotely connect to your Mac computer which requires you to download our remote access software. Our Care Expert will walk you through this process. We will then thoughtfully and patiently explain what we are doing to solve your problem as we are fixing your Mac. Once we have completed the support service, we will confirm with you that your problem is Solved!

We GUARANTEE to fully Assess your needs and tell you we can FIX your problem before you pay anything, and once we tell you we can solve your problem, we will solve it NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.

Because they solved all my problems with my device, and they were very helpful.
Areli N. 12/20/2012

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Mac Tip

Deleting in Mac
On a PC you press the Backspace key to delete or the Delete key to forward delete
On a Mac you Press Delete key to backwards delete. For Mac portables, press the Function (fn) and Delete key to forward delete.