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At StartOnMac, we believe that Apple® education is ongoing, and should be pursued in many different ways. So, in addition to all of our high-quality Mac® support options, we offer a wide range of Mac tutorials for beginners, how-to’s and instructional documents for free. In fact, our well-researched tutorials are written by StartOnMac Care Experts who really know their stuff. Our how-to’s function as our in-house beginners guide to Mac.

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Because they solved all my problems with my device, and they were very helpful.
Areli N. 12/20/2012

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Mac Tip
Want to receive New Email Notifications?
Just go to Mail > Preferences > General and then select the “New Message Notification” in the dropdown for your Inbox, VIPs, Contacts, All Mailboxes or one of your smart mailboxes.

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