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Need Help with your Mac® or Apple® Product?

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Making the switch from PC to Mac, upgrading your Mac OS X®, or using a new Apple product can be a life changing event. We understand the challenges that come with moving to an all-new computing platform. At StartOnMac, we have created services that function as your personal Apple helpline. Our Care Experts will customize a session to fit your needs, and will go to great lengths to make your problems disappear, or  to make that upgrade or PC-to-Mac transition as easy as possible. Our dedicated staff of Care Experts work with you to ensure you are optimizing the use of your new Mac products by providing you with the help and advice you need to feel comfortable with your new machine. If you’re new to Apple, and want effective, easy to follow help with Mac products, you’ve come to the right place.

To get started, see which service best fits your need or call our Care Experts and let them help decide what you need to be Mac-effective!

Our Portfolio of Services

  • Our Cost effective, all-inclusive Subscription Support
    Would you like to have a Care Expert always available to help? Our very best program offers you access to any of our services at any time for a low monthly subscription. Learn More!
  • Learning Your Mac 
    We guide you through a basic, yet thorough, guided tour of your Mac® machine, which includes a full half-hour Q&A session. We have successfully developed services that help you optimize the way you use your Mac® and function as a “Mac® for beginners” and “new Mac® users” educational program. Learn More!
  • Moving Your Data
    At StartOnMac, we help new Mac users through the most painful part of moving all of your files (pictures, videos, music, documents, mail, calendar, contacts and more) from your PC to Mac or other types of Data Migration. We do all the work for you by remotely connecting to your Mac and managing the migration for you. Learn More!
  • Setup Your Software
    We use sophisticated remote access technology that allows our Care Experts to safely and securely connect with your machine and walk you through the Mac software installation and configuration processes. Learn More!
  • Setup Your Peripherals
    Whether you have a new printer, router, external hard drive or other miscellaneous wireless-enabled device, one of our Care Experts will connect to your Mac computer remotely and do the installation for you. Learn More!
  • Protect Your Data
    Apple products are among the most stable computing devices in the business. Unfortunately, they are not completely invincible. Our Care Experts will take you through some best practices for keeping your Mac and data completely secure from malware, hackers, cyber-attacks, data breaches and hardware failures. We will help you setup and manage the data backup capabilities of your Mac using Apple’s Time Machine. Learn More!
  • Help for iDevices
    Is iTunes or your iDevice giving you problems? Having difficulty syncing or using your iPod®, iPhone® or iPad® to your Mac? Is your iDevice unresponsive or frozen, or setting up your email a challenge? Let our Care Expert help you setup, configure or troubleshoot your   iDevice without the hassle. Learn More!
  • Troubleshooting Your Mac
    Is your Mac having problems and you don’t know why? Whatever the reason, let our Care Expert work to assess your problem and see how we can find the solution. We do this by remotely accessing your Mac and working directly with you, so you can see what the problem and the solution will be. Learn More!

She was great, genuinely cared.
Jeff A. 10/13/2012

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